I have taught since 2012 on undergraduate and Masters level courses, including developing my own lectures.

University of Gothenburg, Sweden (2017 – present) 

2020: Lecturer for fieldwork skills within the “interactions between air, water and sediment” undergraduate course. (MAV107; first year undergraduate).

2018: Lecturer for the “Observing the Ocean from Micro to Macro Scale” course (OC4920; Masters level), and mentored students and co-led fieldwork for “Marine projects – from idea to action” (MAR440; Masters level).

2017: Lectured on and assisted with planning for “Training Internationally on Gliders”, an international workshop aimed at all levels, held at Kristineberg Marine Station, Sweden.

University of East Anglia, UK (2012 – 2016)

2016:  Developed lectures and lectured on “Ocean Observing Systems” (Masters)
2015: Demonstrated on “Ocean Circulation” (second year undergraduate course, involved working through problem sets on continuity equation and assessing data in Matlab).
2013: Demonstrated and marked on “Atmosphere and Oceans” and “Forces of Nature”, both first year undergraduate courses.
Lectured and led field groups on two week undergraduate “Marine Sciences Fieldcourse” in Oban.
2012: Demonstrated and marked on “Forces of Nature”, a first year undergraduate course.

University of Oxford, UK (2012)

Summer 2012: Demonstrated on “Physical Oceanography”, third year undergraduate course.



2019: Hanna Rosenthal, “Observations of heat flux variability over fronts in the Southern Ocean from the first continuous circumnavigation of Antarctica with Saildrone”.
Chloe Blyth, “Resolving the seasonal cycle of the upper ocean in the marginal ice zone using a 1-D bulk model”
2017: Sandra Lagnevall, “The effect of surface buoyancy forcing on the thermocline in the Amundsen Sea”

Thomas Eriksson, “The ocean fronts in the Drake Passage from XBT data”

Summer student:
2018: Hanna Rosenthal, “Detecting variability in wind and precipitation in the Drake Passage from glider mounted hydrophone data” 
George Wallace, “Investigating interannual and seasonal variability in dissolved oxygen concentrations in the Amundsen Sea”, co-supervised with Karen Heywood and Jan Kaiser.